Delivering Quality Cargo Services to the Most

Challenging Industries

From livestock and hazardous materials to high-tech and e-commerce goods, no other company can match the level of quality services with an affordable price. Our end-to-end solutions in a wide variety of industries is key to our success. Whatever the need you can be sure that GFS has a solution for your cargo.

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GFS provides services for government agencies and offices, including a broad range of freight services, from small packages to bulky machinery and heavy equipment for the defense and aerospace industries.

Oil and gas industry is one of the largest in the world. Our presence and experience in the Caspian Sea and the Middle East make us one of the most preferred choices for energy companies around the world.

High-tech parts and equipment can be extremely delicate and necessitate special transportation to ensure nothing is damaged in transit. Many of these components contain volatile or toxic components which must be kept from harm.

Shipping oversized, heavy cargo is really where an experienced team can save you money. Knowing how to manage logistics and packing is key to maximizing your landed cost.

Reliably delivering medical supplies and pharmaceutical goods to those in need is of our utmost concern.

A growing industry worldwide, GFS partners with major e-commerce entities to provide shipping to remote locations around the world.

Managing and shipping live animals in the most humane and safe way possible is of the utmost importance to GFS. We comply with all international regulations to ensure the welfare and health of your livestock and live animal cargo.

Perishable goods and pharmaceuticals require carefully controlled environments and advanced equipment and monitoring to ensure safe arrival. Trust GFS to ensure the proper handling of your agricultural and medical cargo.

Maximum care and compliance is adhered to for the shipping of dangerous goods including flammable, corrosive, toxic, infectious goods, and radioactive materials. We ensure any cargo that can pose a threat to human health is handled safely.