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GFS relies on Silk Way West Airlines for exclusive access to the following fleet network.

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Boeing 747-8F

The Boeing 747-8F is known as the world’s most efficient freighter. This aircraft is the only in-production freighter with a nose door, which allows for oversized cargo and improved turnaround times.

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Boeing 747-200F

Known as “the jumbo jet”, the Boeing 747-200F commercial cargo plane was specifically designed with long-distance capabilities in mind.

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Boeing 747-400F

The Boeing 747-400F is an all-cargo airplane featuring both nose and side doors. As one of the world’s most popular choices for cargo airplanes, it holds a maximum gross payload for 120,000kg and boasts a flight range of around 13 hours.

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Boeing B777

The Boeing B777 stands as a top contender in the realm of commercial cargo aircraft. Renowned for its spacious fuselage, it offers versatility in cargo handling.

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Ilyushin IL76-TD90

The Ilyushin IL76-TD90 is a medium-haul cargo aircraft with major upgrades. This freighter meets all current international ecological standards, has a longer operating life and overall maintenance costs.

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