Boeing 747-8F

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The Boeing 747 is one of the world’s most popular choices for commercial cargo airplanes. The 747-8F cargo-carrying model features a wide fuselage along with a large side cargo door and distinctive nose cargo door, allowing easy straight-in access for oversized freight and palletized shipments.

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The Boeing 747-8F: A Game-Changer in Air Cargo

The Boeing 747-8F is the latest evolution of the legendary 747 family, which has been a workhorse of the air cargo industry for over 50 years. First introduced in 2011, the 747-8F builds upon the impressive legacy of its predecessors while incorporating cutting-edge technologies and improvements:

Key Features:

The first-ever 747 model designed entirely as a freighter from the start
Longest commercial aircraft in service with a fuselage length of 250 ft
Powered by advanced GEnx-2B67 engines for improved fuel efficiency
Cargo Capabilities and Specifications

In the demanding world of global trade, the Boeing 747-8F stands out as a true titan, setting new standards in air cargo logistics. Its most striking feature is its cargo capacity—a total volume of 2,490 ft³ (759 m³) spread across its main deck and lower deck. This immense space allows for incredibly flexible configurations, accommodating everything from standard pallets and containers to oversized items like industrial machinery, aerospace components, and entire vehicles.

The 747-8F’s design is a logistical dream. As the only in-production freighter with nose-loading capability, it enables swift loading of extra-long or oddly shaped cargo, significantly reducing ground time. Large side cargo doors further enhance this rapid turnaround capability, a critical factor in today’s just-in-time supply chains.

Moreover, with a tremendous range of 4,120 nautical miles (6,630 km) when fully loaded, it can fly non-stop between major global trade hubs like Hong Kong and Frankfurt, all while being 16% more fuel-efficient and 30% quieter than its predecessors.

Revolutionizing the Air Cargo Industry

The Boeing 747-8F revolutionizes air cargo with its versatility – optimized for rapid loading/unloading and capable of transporting oversized freight like heavy machinery from major global hubs.

Its incredible size, range, and efficiency enable higher payloads and lower operating costs, allowing freight carriers to increase capacity while reducing emissions. With this unparalleled combination, the 747-8F provides a sustainable solution transforming the entire logistics supply chain.


68.40 m / 224 ft
19.4 m / 63 ft
76.3 m / 250 ft

Technical Specs

759 m³ / 26,803’³
6,630 KM / 4,120 Miles